“Simple Food Growing Systems That Can Help Families in Hawaii Become a Little More Self Sustainable”

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We have spent years interviewing aquaponics experts around the world so we could learn how to design and run self sustaining aquaponics system here in Hawaii.

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a system that uses fish poo and pee and plants in a  recirculating system to grow vegetables at an accelerated rate.  Our systems use 1/10th the amount of water you would use in a traditional garden and the plants will grow 3 times faster as well.

  • The fish in the water do their business which is basically (ammonia), which is converted by special bacteria into plant food.  The ‘cleaned’ water is then sent back to the fish tank.
  • Plants grow faster much faster
  • Aquaponic systems never have to be traditionally watered – it waters itself!
  • The water recirculates! NO dumping water into the ground! Because of the closed loop system, aquaponic systems uses less then 1/10th the amount of water then a normal garden!
  • You can build the grow beds higher so you never have to bend down to get your plants.
  • Easily grow you own fish and vegetables.  It’s really easy.  Simply feed your fish everyday.  This takes less than a minute and look around and check to make sure everything alright.

We offer many types of systems.

We have small counter top systems you can use in your kitchen. We also have small back porch systems you can use to grow some extra vegetable on your lanai. If you have a size-able spot we can build a nice system that utilizes media beds (rocks) and floating rafts to float your plants in the water. We can also do large commercial builds if you would like to Grow Big or Grow Home! For more info on aquaponics check