Solar Powered Aquaponics System

Solar Powered Aquaponics System

Our Solar Powered Aquaponics System combines 3 different systems. We use 3 beds just like in our Trio System. We also utilize our special ‘X Stand’ we build out of PVC Pipe and finally we include the worm tea maker.

The thing that makes this system unique is we design it to run off grid.

The solar panels charge 2 batteries that run the pump.

If you’re interested in having this Aquaponics System, give me a call at (808) 518-2865

Cost of this system is $2000

But a small warning….

There are many different moving parts in a solar system like this.  If you have an electric plug near-by I would recommend paying the extra $5-10 a month in electricity rather than running a solar system.  If there is no sun for a few days the batteries will run out.  If something gets stuck in the pump it will short out the inverter and if you aren’t paying attention your fish will die (ask us how we know).

This system comes with 5 Tilapia, Black Cinder Media to grow your plants in and comes fully assembled and installed.